If you are newbie to the blog world (and I know there are still many out there who are), Congratulation! You have found me and my blog called, “Container Crazy CT.”

This page is to help you browse my blog if you are unfamiliar with how it is set-up and need help.


Did you know if you click on the Banner at the top of my page under the menus, you will be refreshed to my latest post?

Wondering how to find me on Twitter?  Click the twitter bird icon right below my bio and photo on the right.

Looking for a specific plant?  Use the SEARCH THIS tool on the right side of the front page, or click on the CATEGORIES of your choice.

Interested in an upcoming workshop? Click on the top menu bar under: WORKSHOP DATES or NATURE WITH ART CLASS PROGRAMS. The Workshop Dates gives you an at a glance list and flyer of what is coming up. The Nature with Art Class Programs provides a drop down list of each individual class with more details.

Heard about the May Container Gardening Workshops?  Want in?  Go to Nature with Art Class Programs on the top of the blog and click to see the drop down for 2 Container Gardening Workshops in 2016!

Want to share a post on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter with your friends?  Click on the “title” of the blog post, then scroll to the bottom of that post to find all the buttons to share. Please do share!  It will make me tremendously happy!  Don’t you want to make someone happy today? 🙂

Screenshot (26)

Want to share a comment on a particular post?  Just click on the red box on the top right to comment and join the conversation. You only have to enter the information once on the pop up box, and once I approve your entry, you don’t have to fill in that stuff (email and website if you have one) ever again if you wish to continue chatting.  Your e-information is not shared with anyone but me.  I promise.

Screenshot (27)

Did you know there are lots of pages under the main pages on the top of the front page?

Click on the Main Heading to see a green drop down list of topics, and don’t forget to click on the heading itself – like CONTAINER GARDENS.  It has many wonderful photos!

Screenshot (28)

Now start clicking away!!  Enjoy, and please share this blog with your gardening friends. 

Cathy Testa

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