How should I transport my plant from the garden center to my home?

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Since it is that time again when we pick up plants from the garden centers, I am re-blogging my post about how to transport plants from the garden centers in your vehicles for safe travels. And remember, while we are having wonderful warm temperatures, it is still a bit too early for some plants to be planted outdoors, such as tomato plants – remember Memorial Day for the heat loving types. Cathy T

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My sister called me yesterday afternoon to ask about a new magnolia she purchased at a nursery.  She was planning to pick it up today, and wanted to know how to handle the transportation in her mini-van.  This was an excellent question to ask.  The last thing you want to do is damage your new plant purchase, so here are a few tips and reminders on what to do when you move your plant from the garden center to your home.

Balled and Burlapped B&B) tree example Balled and Burlapped B&B) tree example


It may sound funny, but you may want to grab a couple old pillows and a thick blanket, or a tarp along with some bungee cords or rope, before you head to the garden center. The main thing you want to do for trees is protect its bark and foliage during travel. Bark is like your skin, overlaying…

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