The Acers in September

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Beautiful fall photos of maples (Acers) by a blogger named Cara Lockhart Smith from the Scottish Borders. Check out her paintings too – many focused on natural settings. Cathy T


September Acers

After the green of the willows in the woods, these acers round the little pond demonstrate the vibrancy of a different part of the spectrum altogether. These are colours that I love to use when painting. The creator of the garden was told that acers would not flourish this far north, so since he loved the plants, he set out to proved them wrong.  And did so. Up close the leaves of the acers are exquisite, but I wanted to make an image which showed the colour they create in the garden at this time of year when, apart from the spears of the gladioli, the flowers are fading in the garden, and the wildflowers have almost disappeared.





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Myth busting

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You can learn some tips all the way from the UK. Check out this blog for tips on sowing seeds, storing them, and cuttings, etc. by Plant Heritage.

Plant Heritage

Through a staff member, Plant Heritage Surrey Group was lucky enough to receive money from the charity arm of The Times to train 10 of our members on propagation courses with nurserywoman, author, botanist and lecturer Marina Christopher of Phoenix Plants .


On arrival coffee and delicious apple and walnut cake courtesy of Jo, Marina’s assistant.


Marina introduced herself as a scientist rather than a horticulturalist, so her modus operandi is to ‘Look, Observe and Experiment’, rather than do what she was taught at college.  From the many different ways of doing things she finds out what works and sticks with it resulting in some interesting concepts.


But the heart of the nursery is the grit Marina uses in her composts.  1-3mm grit is used in different proportions for different purposes.  Around each piece of grit is a surface layer of moisture, so the medium is well drained and…

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