Plan to plan but plan it will not go according to plan!

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I’ve moved, coddled, removed, picked up, put down, adjusted, admired, panicked, laughed, contemplated, created, imagined, thanked, cursed….  From wet to cool, to hot and sunburt, to sweaty and sticky, to throw on a sweatshirt suddenly it is cold, to wow, look at that sun, to look at those dark clouds, to OMG, a tornado in Springfield, to “what there could be hail on the way?”…to OMG is my husband okay coming back through Massachusettes?!  To move, coddle, pick up, put down, push, bring back, adjust, water, pinch, smile, create, enjoy and then surprises, what tv in two days, OK!  Back to the nursery, find the best of the best, create, smile, admire, oh a hummingbird, OMG.  So pretty, voom by my head.  Oh hello butterfly, you are so pretty…oh butterfly, you are injured 😦 darn cat, stop that.  A deer in the back, you stay back, don’t come hear, it is too near, my prized possession, my plants, my blooms, and my patience!  New admiration for growers, nurserymen/women, and anyone who creates their art in the great and not so great outdoors.  Respect for mentors and helpers coming stepping out of the woodwork. This, perhaps, is a test – a trial run to a future little store, I don’t know, but it is worth it. 🙂  Cathy T